degens created a new philosophy in homage to the Ethereum King : v/acc !

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Welcome to V/ACC

Welcome to v/acc! Join us in the decentralized realm of Ethereum as we unlock new horizons of autonomy and collaboration. Embrace financial sovereignty and be part of our thriving community today!

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v/acc, a new philosophy created by degens, pays homage to the Ethereum King and embodies the principles of decentralization, autonomy, and community. It promotes the idea that individuals have the power to shape their own destinies through open participation in the Ethereum ecosystem, embracing the values of transparency, trustlessness, and financial sovereignty. v/acc encourages collaboration, innovation, and the pursuit of individual and collective growth within the decentralized world of Ethereum.

Buy $V/ACC

1% Buy/Sell Tax

LP Burnt

Ownership Renounced


Billion supply

How to buy

Ensure you have an Ethereum-compatible wallet such as MetaMask installed and funded with ETH.

Visit the Uniswap decentralized exchange website and connect your wallet. Search for the v/acc token using its contract address and set the desired amount of ETH you want to swap for v/acc. Confirm the transaction and wait for the trade to be executed.





Stage 1:

Community Establishment

Website Release

Influencer & call group marketing

Youtube marketing

V/ACC whale agreement


Stage 2:

CMC/CG Listings

Dextools & trending everywhere

Billboards, PR & heavy marketing

Calls, Community Engagement, Viral Marketing


Stage 3:

2,000 token holders

Global partnerships